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The Department of University Marketing and Communications (UMAC) is your source for EIU-related news. Our office's duties include handling inquiries from the media and the public, writing and distributing press releases, and writing and editing copy for various university publications.

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EIU's Faculty Laureate Recognized in Hometown Paper

EIU's Faculty Laureate Jeannie Ludlow was recognized in her hometown newspaper. For the 2015-2016 school year, the English professor and the coordinator of the women's studies program will serve as the university's official spokesperson on the importance of general/liberal education.  | news

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EIU Student Promotes Fox Ridge

The JG-TC featured Eastern Illinois University student, Laura Horvat. As an intern for Fox Ridge Foundation, she spends her summer promoting the state park to Eastern students and community members alike. Her duties include organizing special events to updating the foundation’s Facebook page.    | news

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Local Students Partake In LEGO Adventure

The JG-TC featured one of EIU’s Summer Youth Programs, Lego Mayan Adventure. Intermediate students constructed robots while learning about building and programming during the week-long camp.  This camp is only one example of EIU’s summer-long programs offered to students between the ages 6-18 on campus.  | news